We strive to help you thrive.

We believe that people from all walks of life deserve access to education and the opportunity to pursue their creativity. By providing premium music education that’s accessible to all, we strive to level the playing field for anyone trying to break into the creative industries.

Whatever your interest, whatever your idea, whatever your talent, let's make it happen.

Our Community

Join our community of leading music makers & educators.

We are for the Creators.
It's what we do.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We treat everyone equally, celebrate our differences and make sure we all feel included.

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Fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all.


Appreciating and celebrating what makes us different and brings us together.


Everyone is respected, empowered and part of our community.


We are committed to providing premium arts education for everyone, everywhere.

Our Access to Higher Education Diploma in Creative Entrepreneurship in Music is accredited by SEG Access, and approved by the QAA.


Where human and artifical intelligence meet.

Powered by cutting edge technology and trained by some of the foremost figures shaping industry and education today, our FuturMakr system is designed to help you develop the habits, skills, knowledge, connections and work opportunities you need to succeed.


Provides you with guidance and insight to help you progress


Real-time Analytics help you develop at the optimum pace for you

Talent Matching

Dynamically matches your interests and skills with job types in the industry

Pathway Tool

Pathway helps chart the most effective and efficient route to your desired job