We strive to
see you thrive.

We believe that young people from all walks of life deserve access to education and the opportunity to
pursue their creativity. By providing premium music education that’s accessible to all, we strive to level
the playing field for young people trying to break into the creative industries.

Whatever your interest, whatever your idea, whatever your talent, let’s make it happen.

We treat everyone
equally, celebrate
our differences
and make sure we
all are included.

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TheWRD is powered by
the FuturMakr talent
development system.

Powered by the latest AI technology and
trained by some of the foremost figures
shaping industry and education today,
FuturMakr guides users through the bespoke
journey to develop the habits, skills,
knowledge, connections and work
opportunities needed to succeed in your
chosen field.

We are committed to
providing premium
arts education for all.

Our courses are accredited by AIM,
the Skills and Education Group Access and
approved by the Quality Assurance Agency
(QAA) for higher education.

Along with our team of expert educators,
our courses are delivered in partnership
with the Lighthouse Learning Trust and
University for the Creative Arts.

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